Muscles EP

by Dudley Benson

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A collection of remixes of Muscles, the first single from Dudley Benson's forthcoming album, Zealandia.


released June 26, 2015

Mastered by Nick Roughan.

Cover art 'How It Works' (2015) by Gavin Hurley



all rights reserved


Dudley Benson Dunedin, New Zealand

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Track Name: Muscles
I know you feel like an old man
Weakened by the hand unseen
Its grip is tight around your throat
You cannot breathe, you cannot scream
But there is a grace when you're on your knees
You call his name
And save your life

Speak to him, ask him how to use your muscles
It's easy, you will gain the power you're missing
To save your life

You did nothing wrong
And you don't deserve this
I can't comfort you
Other than to say:
I know sometimes you feel like nothing more than a link in a chain
Rusted to a tanker lost out of harbour
Steered by a madness you don't understand
I know that you think you're done
And they've won
This is when you honour the seed sown into you by your mother
And deliver the blow
The crown was made to fit your head

Trust me...

Speak to him, ask him how to use your muscles
It's easy, you will gain the power
To save your life
Amazing, how you've learnt to flex those muscles
Get ready to be all you are
And save your life
Track Name: I Lost My Voice
On a fine day
If Mum says 'OK'
I go walking out on the hills
Where I can play

Singing Kylie songs
My friends, they wait for me
They are white quadrupeds
Eating lucerne leaves

But here is where I'm gonna stay
This is where I'll lay my head to rest
I'll go to sleep on the shoulders of the Earth
This is where you'll find me if you came looking

I lost my voice
I couldn't find it anywhere
Hoki mai
Return to me my voice
But it would not come
Until I asked the Kiwi

Oh he told me:

You'll find your voice
In the kohanga
And right here
Right here in the sky above